[BONUS] Lance Oppenheim on HBO's 'Ren Faire' - Frotcast Bonus
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Documentarian Lance Oppenheim last hung out with us just a few months ago to talk about Spermworld, his Hulu documentary about unlicensed sperm donors. At the time he teased us with news of his next project, Ren Faire, a documentary series about the eccentric owner of the Texas Renaissance Festival, one of the largest renaissance festivals in the world. Well now that documentary is here. Ren Faire, produced by the Safdie Brothers and Ronald Bronstein (Uncut Gems, Good Time, etc.) follows George Coulam, an eccentric octogenerian ex-Mormon who dresses in a self-designed military-inspired uniform who everyone calls "King George." King George is the capricious ruler of the TRF, who says he wants to retire while his long-suffering employees scramble around trying to please him while plotting against each other and trying to set themselves up to become the heir apparent. Ren Faire's main characters include Jeff Baldwin, the portly theater kid entertainment director who has recently become general manager, Louie Migliaccio, a steampunk energy drink addict who runs the festival's kettle corn empire (but dreams of more), and Darla Smith, an elephant trainer-turned renaissance faire capitalist. Lance opens up about how he shot Ren Faire, what all the Ren Faire characters are doing now -- big scoop on Jeff Baldwin and the rest of the staff in there -- and how many energy drinks Louie Migliaccio consumes in a day. Oh, and about how King George's sugar daddy dates at the Olive Garden actually went down, and whether George asked them any questions beyond whether their breasts are real. Ren Faire is a great docuseries and the ultimate show for anyone who wants to know how unhappy rich people actually are. Our Sponsors: * Check out FIJI Water : www.wonderful.com * Go to roundhouseprovisions.com/PODYOURSELF for up to 44% off your regular-priced order. Plus every purchase is backed by a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy
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