Quick Question with Soren and Daniel
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The guys take you on a musical history tour that's Ooby Doobylicious! And as always big thanks to our sponsors. Get $15 off your first month’s subscription plus free shipping:  Nutrafol.com/men promo code qq
Published 11/27/22
This episode has everything, food talk, tons of Soren, Sick Daniel. All our classic hits!  And as always thanks to our sponsors.  Thanks RocketMoney.com/qq.  it could save you hundreds a year. Thanks Raycon!.  For a limited time, go To buyraycon.com/qq and enter code EARLYBF for 20% off your...
Published 11/17/22
An episode filled with food! And other stuff obviously because we definitely immediately get sidetracked.  As always big thanks to our sponsors. Shop with confidence — get Honey for FREE at JoinHoney.com/qq
Published 11/07/22