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Rama and Lakshmana while safeguarding the ritual of Sage Vishvamitra for six days and nights, on the last night demons named Maareecha and Subaahu come to hinder the ritual. Rama acts deftly and hits out Maareecha to a long distance, but kills the other, namely Subaahu. Rama thus makes the ritual of sage Vishvamitra a success.
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Rama and Lakshmana inquisitively enquired into the Siddhaashrama, Accomplished Hermitage in the earlier chapter for which Sage Vishvamitra informs about the heritage of that hermitage for it once belonged to Vishnu in Vaamna incarnation. Vishvamitra narrates about it and how Vaamna, a dwarfish...
Published 04/11/21
Published 04/11/21
Rama requests sage Vishvamitra for endowing annulment missiles, besides projectile ones that have been accorded in the previous chapter. Sage Vishvamitra accords them, and while they are journeying further, they chance to see a picturesque forest on their way and Rama enquires about it.
Published 04/11/21