Ep.21 The Empress of Gujarati theatre Meenal Patel talks about the transition from the golden era to the new age of theatre
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Meenal Patel is quite literally the empress of Gujarati Theatre. Her fans squeal in delight everytime she is on the stage, and writers and directors are promoted to a new pedestal when she affirms to be in their productions. From rangmanch to television & now the digital Media, Patel has over the decades have adjusted and excelled on all the platforms.  Listen to her not just share her life, but also how the theatre industry has evolved over the years! Only on Ragmanch with Bhawana Somaaya! You can follow us and leave us feedback on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @eplogmedia, or send us an email at [email protected] If you like this show, please subscribe and leave us a review wherever you get your podcasts, so other people can find us. You can also find us on https://www.eplog.media The content is owned & produced by Ep.Log Media | A division of Zero Hour Entertainment. Reproduction of this content without permission is strictly prohibited.   See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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