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📚The Whole World Seems To Be Falling For My Wife📚 ✒️Author: STARMOON 🤙Read Now👉 --------------------------- 🎉The Whole World Seems To Be Falling For My Wife novel summary Maria took her sister's place and was engaged to Anthony, a disabled man who had lost his status as the family heir. At first, they were just a nominal couple. However, things changed when things about Maria were gradually exposed. It turned out she was a professional hacker, a mysterious composer, and the sole successor to an international jade sculpting master… The more that was revealed about her, the less Anthony could rest easy. A famous singer, an award-winning actor, an heir of a rich family—so many excellent men were chasing after his fiance, Maria. What should Anthony do? 🤙Read Now👉 --------------------------- Follow Us: #TheWholeWorldSeemsToBeFallingForMyWife #Romance #MoboReader #STARMOON #Webnovel #Goodnovel
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