Bonus Patreon Upcycle - Rodney Marks: Murder at The Bottom of the World
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Thanks to COVID, we all now know, better than ever the impact that social isolation can have on our mental health.  Depression, confused thinking, and emotional instability were symptoms many of us became all too familiar with; but imagine you had been in lockdown somewhere thousands of miles away from the nearest city, in perpetual darkness for 6-months of the year, and subjected to temperatures as low as -80 degrees celsius... Oh, and you're locked down with your co-workers... That shit might just make you want to kill somebody... right? See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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Published 05/22/24
Shot dead in broad daylight outside her house in West London – the killing of Jill Dando is one of Britain’s most high-profile murders. As one of the BBC’s best-known TV presenters through the 90s, Jill was in the living rooms of the British public every night, presenting the news, travel shows,...
Published 05/16/24
To celebrate and get everyone in the mood for our soon to be iconic Antipodean Tour, we are digging up some of the craziest cases from down under that we've ever covered! Patrons can access tour tickets on Monday the 13th (TODAY!) via their Patreon feed, and general release is Wednesday the...
Published 05/13/24