Listener Questions on Love, Loss & the Soul
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We're answering some incredible listener questions on love, loss, and the soul.  Show Notes: To submit a listener question for future episodes: Calling in the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley Brian Weiss books Your Soul's Plan by Robert Schwartz Lost Companions by Jeffrey Masson
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Published 04/10/22
Many of us give up on our long-term goals before we've given ourselves the proper chance to learn, grow, and get better. But, how do you know when you've given your dream enough of a shot?  In this episode, Liz discusses how long it's taken her to get dreams off the ground, and when in the past...
Published 04/10/22
Today's episode is dedicated to the foundational life skill of asking for what you want. After years of people-pleasing and going with the flow, Liz studied the process for asking for what she wanted from the universe, and from other people. This episode describes her framework for both. About...
Published 03/27/22