Letting Go of the Past - Making Way for the Future
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You're meant to reach your greatest potential, but staying stuck to the past and old ways of being can hold you back. In this episode, Liz shares a framework that allows you to invite in the future- new dreams, new plans, and new successes. About the podcast: Reset is a casual spiritual conversation that inspires you to listen to yourself, love yourself, and say yes to life. It is hosted by Liz Tran, an executive coach to founders and CEOs of tech startups, and the founder of Reset. Instagram: @resetnyc Website link 
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Published 07/31/22
Is it possible to be a spiritual person and also want to make a lot of money? In this episode, we explore the meaning of money from a spiritual perspective and answer questions like: What is money? What is the relationship between money and spirituality? And finally, How do you develop your...
Published 07/31/22
Buddhists say that change is the fundamental premise of life.  In fact, studies have shown that the ability to change is the most important indicator of how happy and successful a person is-- impacting our lives more than even intelligence and hard work. Imagine what could happen if you were so ...
Published 07/17/22