Episode 30 - S2E10 Fury
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In this week’s episode, “Fury,” Scott and Stiles, with their unwitting parents, find themselves trapped in the sheriff's station by Matt and his vengeful kanima. At the same time, the Argents, under the direction of their new leader Allison, come looking to end the kanima and Derek. ANd we sit down with Natalie Fisher and Karen Rought to talk about their time writing for Hypable and hosting the first Teen Wolf podcast.    If you’d like to support the show, you can find us on Patreon at RTBH Podcast. There, our Wolfy Patrons will gain access to awesome exclusives, like early access to episodes, full-moon AMAs, the Beacon Hills Movie Club, where we watch and provide commentary for movies starring the amazing cast of Teen Wolf and featuring the work of our talented crew, as well as guest video interviews and a monthly watch party. So head on over to Patreon.com/rtbhpodcast and join the pack!    In next week’s episode, “Battlefield,” it's the night of the championship lacrosse game, but Scott finds himself benched because of his failing grades. Meanwhile, he must keep Gerard from unleashing the kanima, which he now controls, on the unsuspecting crowd. Knowing that Scott will be busy, Allison and her father hunt down two wayward members of Derek's pack.   Follow Will (@willwritesgood) on Twitter and Instagram and Kalissa on Twitter (@kaliforniadawn) and Instagram (@insipidramblings).   TIME CODES: Beta Section: 04:15 Alpha Section: 43:56   LINKS: https://subjectifymedia.com/ https://seaquell.tumblr.com/post/55868360782/x https://subjectifymedia.com/not-about-the-weather-episode-37/ https://fishwink.tumblr.com/post/35290369902/choquefrontal-a-guide-to-how-to-pet-your
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Warning: This episode features a discussion about sexual assault.   In this week’s episode, “Currents,” Derek sets a trap for the Alpha Pack with the help of Boyd and Isaac. At the same time, Scott races to find and save Deaton before he becomes one of the Darach’s next sacrifices.    If...
Published 04/11/22
In this week’s episode, “Motel California,” Scott and the Pack find themselves stranded at a desert motel when the cross-country meet is postponed. While there, they suffer strange experiences that cause them to believe members of their own group may be the Darach’s newest targets for sacrifice....
Published 04/04/22
Published 04/04/22