The Vedantists Reform Movement
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In this chapter, the Vedantists inserted the Yoga of Analytical Intelligence, using common sense to overcome the letter of the law, of multiple scriptures. That is the core of the chapter. There are preceding verses explaing the concept of Brahman (Spirit) and it’s characteristics of Immortality and Ummutability that emerge from the question of Arjuna’s grief in the firt chapter, as further qualified by the Vedantists in order to give the appearance of continuity. However, barring the remnants of the original conversation that appears once, the emphasis is really on focusing one’s intelligence on Self-realization. The attack on the ritualistic Brahmins is at once direct and non-confrontational. The Vedantists urge the old schoolers to dovetail their practices into self-realization.
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Published 10/24/21
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