The Art of Leading an Iconic Museum: A conversation with Max Hollein, Director of the Met
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What does youthful rebellion look like when you grow up in an artistic family? For Max Hollein it was going to business school. But he didn’t turn his back completely on his roots. Max quickly added a Masters Degree in art history to his Masters in business administration. A perfect combo for the now director and soon-to-be CEO, come July 2023, of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Max made a risky move earlier in his career by leaving the Guggenheim and New York to lead a prestigious but stumbling museum in Frankfurt. It paid off. Now, Max is entrusted with safeguarding and curating the Met’s 1.5 million cultural items while overseeing the museum's 80,000 square foot, $500 million expansion, all while first and foremost remaining a true lover of art.   In this episode of Redefiners, hear Max’s approach to ensuring one of the world’s most significant artistic institutions is truly sustainable in both the ecological and cultural sense. From brutal honesty at a job interview to hiding his playful side behind tailored suits, you’re not going to want to miss this conversation with Max Hollein.  To read our report, The New Philanthropists: The World is Changing, So Must Philanthropy as discussed by Katie Nivard, click here.  If you enjoyed this episode, you might also like these Redefiners episodes:   The Power of Art and The Art of Power with Henry Timms  Daring to Build a More Sustainable World with Kate Brandt and Sophia Mendelsohn  Unreasonable Hospitality: Will Guidara’s Recipe for Greatness 
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