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Sakhu Bai, an ardent devotee of Vitthal, lives with her husband and a cruel mother-in-law. The mother thinks that her daughter-in-law will spoil her only son and then he will start neglecting his mother. Her husband also does not say anything to his mother because he thinks that since he is her only son, people will disrespect him and his wife if he takes his wife's side. So Sakhu has to bear all the ill-treatment silently. She worships Vitthala with all her heart and forgets her daily sufferings. A sad Sakhu sees a group of Vitthala devotees doing Naam-Kirtan. She joins the group and starts doing Naam-Kirtan. Her husband's sister finds her and tells her mother about that. The mother-in-law arrives and drags her to her home and ties her to a pole. Sakhu starts crying and worships Vitthala and after some time, things take a different turn.  People get dumbfounded by seeing two Sakhus and start thinking that she is a ghost. Rest are divine. Listen to the podcast to know more. If you would like to support this cause, kindly contribute through www.patreon.com/SriramIyer. All proceeds will be utilised on hundreds of children who are learning the vedas to keep Sanatana Dharma up; in veda patashalas and tols.  Namaste.
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