Sabbats of Antiquity with Mab Borden
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In this episode, author Mab Borden discusses her three books on ancient celebrations in Greece, Rome, and Egypt for The Witches Almanac. With a focus on academic rigor and a dedication to authenticity, Mab's books provide a rich tapestry of historical insights tailored for a pagan audience. Mab's books not only bring forth the rich historical tapestry of these ancient rituals but also offer a unique twist—they provide modern adaptations for a pagan audience eager to connect with the past. Join Ashley and Mab as they discuss how to provide practical ways to infuse these time-honored traditions into your modern practice. You can preorder Mab's books here, or at Emails can be sent to Mab at [email protected] You can find Ashley on Twitter (@SeekWitchcraft), Instagram (@seekingwitchcraft), Facebook ("Seeking Witchcraft Podcast" or "Ashley Seekraft"), or the community Facebook group ("Witches Seeking Witchcraft"). Want to support the show and gain bonus community perks and features? You can do so at
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