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hey y'all, i just wanted to share a little about what's been going on for me personally and what my plans are moving forward. I'm so thankful for y'all, the huge role you've all played in my journey of growing to be more proud to be Korean-American, and I truly hope you stay in touch! IG:...
Published 07/18/22
ANNOUNCEMENT!!  ..... Maddie is launching her very own KDrama Review Podcast: YA GIRL MADDIE! Give it a listen on Spotify and check it out @yagirlmaddie_pod ~ Episode 1 is already out!  ..... (
Published 06/18/22
Kim and Maddie watched the first three episodes of the new Netflix KDrama, Our Blues, ft. their girl Shin Min-ah (although she is no where to be seen so far) and another seaside village. They discuss the interesting strategy of story telling, try to guess where the show might be going in the next...
Published 04/18/22