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This episode is about how recording agreements are important, including the value of exclusive artist recording agreement; copyrights and exclusive recording services. It seems a little heavy and difficult to clear but trust me I tried my best to reach your well understanding. I am happy if this helps you in some ways. :)
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Podcastato Myanmar’s the whole season#2 is being listened the chat with the artists/musicians. In this episode #1, you will hear interviewee Ko Paloung who is the front man of the band talking all about “Papillons The Band” and its most famous song named “Dream U”, distributed by ARTATO. If you...
Published 09/12/21
Published 09/12/21
This ep is about contract provisions. And I added some memorial talk about Ko Tut @ Raymond- Idiots (1988-2021). You will be missed forever Ko Raymond 3. Well, do not hesitate to contact me if there’s anything else you want to discuss or ask. I’m happy if this helps you in some ways. Thanks :)
Published 07/10/21