Ep 77 : This Means War & Stalked (Poems)
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The first poem is titled ‘This Means War’ and I can relate to it wholeheartedly. It happens to me all the time. I have suffered enough at their hands. Who am I talking about? A mosquito. So, to all those out there who have suffered their bites, this one is for you. This poem covers all the action and emotions involved with our interactions with mosquitoes and that’s what I love about this poem. The second poem is 'Stalked', and listen to it to find out who is stalking who. And no, its not the usual suspects... Link to the post on the website - https://shwetasbasket.com/this-means-war-stalked-poems/ Email id - [email protected] FB & Instagram Messenger - @shwetasbasket Link to other podcast platforms - https://linktr.ee/shwetasbasket Geeks Room Link for New Website - https://geeks.artoonsinn.com?aff=shwetasbasket Narrator - Shweta Singh Author - Natasha Sequeira Link to her poems in Poetry Parlour - (20+) Natasha Sequeira | Facebook Insta handle - @natashasequeira22 Music - YouTube #shwetasbasket #podcasting #podcastindia #shortstorypodcast #storypod #podcastshortstories #shortstory #fiction #poem #poetrypodcast #poetrypod #storytime #kahani #storyteller #indianstoryteller #mumbai #narrator #mosquito #mosquitobite #food #fooddeliveryapp #stalk
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