Ep3: Sexuality in Sports
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This episode looks at inequalities within sports, we talk about gender equality in sport, the gender pay gap, as well as women in sport, with a particular focus on periods! Ex-pro footballer, Rosie Kmita, joined Martha and Zuu to talk about her journey in football from a young age and shone a huge light on engagement and investment in women's football. We were also joined by Safiyyah, The Hijabi Boxer, who shares her story about overcoming a long term illness and eating disorder as she climbs the ranks of amateur boxing.
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Today we talk gaming and Esports with Elliot Bond from the British Esports Association and Steph Ijoma, founder of NNESAGA (a diverse UK platform for gaming, comics & anime) about the growing popularity of Esports and whether it could eventually feature in the Olympics.
Published 02/05/20
Published 02/05/20
This episode is dedicated to LGBTQ+ athletes. We're joined by wheelchair racer Lizzie Williams and director of the film Wonderkid, Rhys Chapman to talk about the emerging collectives and initiatives that are making movements in the queer community for sport. We also spoke to former Everton and...
Published 01/29/20