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Rage lingers as a constant reminder of the trauma of Raquel’s childhood. She recognises that she is perpetuating a cycle of abuse, but before she can break it, she must face it.   SUBSCRIBE Subscribe on iTunes (     SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter: @silentwavespod (   Email: Silent Waves Website: ( Casefile Presents Website: (   CREDITS Raquel O’Brien – Co Creator, Host, Producer Georgina Savage – Co Creator, Editor, Executive Producer Twitter: @georginasavage_ ( ADDITIONAL CREDITS Nearly Media Network – Producer IMXO from Alt Music Group – Music Production Lloyd Richards and Charlie Vonarx – Sound Design Assistance Mike Migas from Casefile Presents – Additional Audio Production Stacy Gogoulis – Graphic Design OTHER Website design by Paulina Szymanska   SPONSORS Talkspace ( – Get $100 off your first month with promo code 'SILENT'
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Published 08/05/20
Published 11/25/19
Raquel is reacquainted with Glenn, her father’s foster son from a previous marriage. He sheds light on the cycles at play in Ralph’s life. Raquel is tormented by the extremes of her father’s duality and battles to reconcile with who she thought he was, and who he turned out to...
Published 11/18/19