El caballero Mauricio
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Mauricio is a great knight who only wants one thing: to make his queen happy. But he doesn’t know how to do that because she is dying of a snake bite. The queen needs a doctor, not a silly knight. Perhaps the answer is in the books Laura is always reading.This story is in the third person and the past tense. It also includes complex grammar in the form of the conditional and past subjunctive and past perfect tenses. Important vocabulary in the story includes: “caballero” (knight),“víbora” (vi...
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Laura almost died. She was bit by an enormous viper, but thankfully Mauricio arrived with an antidote just in time. Mauricio is confused. One minute he was battling in a competition of knights, drinking water offered by the princess and the next minute he finds out he has been married to her for...
Published 07/03/24
Published 06/16/24
Fausto wants to be king so he is causing problems that only he can solve. First birds, then rats terrorized the town before he came in and led them away with his magic. The kingdom is impressed, but will they be impressed enough to overthrow Queen Laura and make him their king?This story is in...
Published 06/05/24