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We're well into our Unstressable series on Slo Mo where today I have the profound pleasure of sitting down with Jodi Wellman, a luminary in the realm of living fully. You can help our mission by preordering "Unstressable: A Practical Guide to Stress-Free Living" written by me, Mo Gawdat, and Alice Law.  In today's conversation with Jodi, we ventured into the heart of what it means to truly embrace every moment of our existence, guided by Jodi's remarkable journey and the wisdom she's garnered along the way. Jodi, with her vibrant approach to life, challenges us to confront the finiteness of our time with grace and intentionality. Her work, centered around maximizing the richness of our days, resonates deeply with my own quest for happiness and meaning. We explored the delicate balance between acknowledging our mortality and using that awareness as a catalyst to live more fully, a theme that has touched my life personally and profoundly. Listen as we discuss:  UnstressableDoing the Math of LivingTuning InScheduling vs. Savoring Living without RegretsAfterlifeWhat Brings us Joy What should we Care AboutThe Joy ListSociety at LargeJodi's message is a call to action, urging us to not only chase our dreams but to savor the journey along the way. Learn more about it here: https://fourthousandmondays.com/  I left our conversation more inspired than ever to embrace the beauty of the unknown, to appreciate the finite nature of our existence, and to live every day to its fullest. I invite you to continue the conversation with Jodi on her Instagram, or LinkedIn.  YouTube: @mogawdatofficial Instagram: @mo_gawdat Facebook: @mo.gawdat.official LinkedIn: /in/mogawdat Tiktok: @mogawdat X: @mgawdat Website: mogawdat.com Don't forget to subscribe to Slo Mo for new episodes every Saturday. Only with your help can we reach One Billion Happy #onebillionhappy
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