Just Blue Explained: From Creation to Cognitive Magic | SNH Podcast #75
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In this episode of the Smarter Not Harder Podcast, Boomer, Dr. Ted, and Dr. Scott discuss the benefits and uses of methylene blue, particularly their product Just Blue, and its impact on cognitive function and energy. Join us as we delve into: + The science behind methylene blue and its benefits for cognitive function. + Insights into the difference between pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue and other grades. + Real-world experiences and case studies showcasing the effectiveness of methylene blue. This episode is for you if: - You're interested in enhancing your focus, energy, and overall cognitive performance. - You've been curious about methylene blue and its myriad applications. - You want to learn more about nootropics and their potential benefits. - You're searching for solutions to combat brain fog and mild cognitive decline. You can also find this episode on… YouTube: https://youtu.be/obzKOrsGq3A Find out more about Just Blue: Product: https://troscriptions.com/products/justblue Methylene blue blog article: https://troscriptions.com/blogs/main/methyleneblue Learn more about Smarter Not Harder: Website: https://troscriptions.com/blogs/podcast | https://homehope.org Instagram: @troscriptions | @homehopeorg  Get 10% Off your purchase of the Metabolomics Module by using PODCAST10 at https://www.homehope.org  Get 10% Off your Troscriptions purchase by using POD10 at https://www.troscriptions.com  Get daily content from the hosts of Smarter Not Harder by following @troscriptions on Instagram.
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