99. Melissa Cristina Màrquez: Sharks and Other Misunderstood Predators, Representation in Science, and Fins United
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Melissa Cristina Márquez is a marine science education expert, TEDx speaker, author, and podcast host currently finishing her doctoral degree. She has been featured in NPR, Allure, InStyle, GQ, Seeker, Popular Science, and appeared on Disney+, BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Acciona, and Good Morning America. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Mexico, Melissa has worked at the forefront of marine science education and communication for over a decade, her work taking her all over the world to the US, New Zealand, and now Australia. In this episode, we chat about how Melissa balances science and outreach, the importance of role models, and her work demystifying misunderstood predators. Show Notes: marinebio.life/99 Support the showClick here for your copy of the "Scuba for Beginners" ebook Get your copy of my FREE guide "Be a Marine Biologist WITHOUT the degree" Join Patreon Join my email newsletter Check out the @marinebio.life Instagram
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