EP 184 : Healing My Relationship With Psychedelics / Exploring Micro-dosing
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Hey Spirit Girls, This is an impromptu mini-episode that I felt like recording while I had 20mins left in the sauna! I'm sharing about how I'm healing my relationship with Psychedelics, How even though I had a deeply healing experience with Ayahuasca, The intensity of the experience took a very long time to 'recover' from because it can be quite a shock to the nervous system. More recently I've been exploring how to reconnect with plant medicine through micro-dosing mushrooms, Teaching my body to regulate & opening back up to the magic that is available! Mainly because I just no longer resonated with my story of being 'scared' to take psychedelics again, I wanted to re-set the story of being OPEN to the wondrous / mystical / alchemic / healing properties ... Because that feels more truthful for me. If you resonate, Want to share your story or chat about it, Please do so in our Spirit Girls facebook group. Love, Jessie x
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