EP 185 : Fairies, Pixies & Dragons - How Working With The Elementals Has Changed My Spiritual Practice!
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Hey Spirit Girls! Over the last year I've felt a huge transition from working with the starbeings to exploring my connection with the elementals (Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Nymphs, Dragons etc.) and it has totally changed my spiritual practice! I still love the cosmic energetics of the starbeings (of course) but I'm feeling a lot more nourished by the earthy, Delicate & Playful frequency that the elementals offer, It's also a transition that I've seen in the collective consciousness, Needing to 'land' the influx of downloads we've been getting from the higher dimensions, So if you feel drawn toward these beings... In this episode I'm sharing about: - How I connect with the elementals - Energy sourcing from the elements - Aura practices with the Fairies - Potions, Creativity, Dancing & Growing greens As well as a channeling from the elementals for you to enjoy at the end! If you'd like to join my in person Fairy Circle, Tickets are available here: bit.ly/fairycircleticket As well as the link to access 'The Spirit Experience' which I mentioned in the episode : https://www.jessicareidonline.com/the-spirit-experience Love, Jessie x
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