Helen Walker
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Helen Walker's Hollywood career was short and marked by an offscreen tragedy, but she made memorable appearances in comedies and dramas opposite co-stars like Fred MacMurray and Tyrone Power. We'll hear her opposite John Beal in "Deadline at Dawn" - the final hour-long episode of Suspense (originally aired on CBS on May 15, 1948). Then she reprises her big screen role as The Old Gold Comedy Theatre presents Brewster's Millions (originally aired on NBC on March 25, 1945).
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Character Walter Abel began his career in Eugene O'Neill stage dramas in the 1920s and he worked steadily on the big and small screens all the way through the 1980s. We'll hear him as a bank employee who wants to add some fun - and some ill-gotten gains - to his life in "Quiet Desperation"...
Published 07/11/24
We bid goodbye to the "First Lady of Suspense" as Agnes Moorehead stars in three old time radio thrillers. First, she plays a high school teacher who tries to save her student from a grisly end behind the wheel of a hot rod in "The Empty Chair" (originally aired on CBS on September 21, 1953)....
Published 07/04/24