The New Hero
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The New Hero: Sir Frolic Freemantle, the aging Chief Knight, must be replaced. A grand proclamation names three contenders: the dashing Lord Vainglory Von Snoot, the mighty Lady Brawnella Musclemore, and the unlikely hero Bertie Bumblington Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: See for privacy information.
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THE SCIENCE EXPERIMENT GONE WRONG : As a science competition experiment goes haywire, two girls come to face to face with a GIANT ant! Will they ever be the same again? Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: See for privacy information.
Published 07/11/24
THE CRAZY TEACHER: Maplewood Primary’s new teacher, Mr. Whizbang, is super weird but super fun! He wears bright clothes and tells amazing stories that everyone loves—except Commander X, a student who can fly and always wears a cape. When Mr. Whizbang gives a strange homework assignment, Commander...
Published 07/04/24
Smudge, a mischievous water pixie, is avoided by everyone due to her pranks. After a prank on the Sea King, she explores the forbidden Deep Blue Sea Dungeon and accidentally awakens a monstrous guardian.  Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: See for...
Published 06/27/24