The Boys S4:E3 "We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here"
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Join Kit, Madison, and Steve as they unpack Season 4, Episode 3 of 'The Boys,' titled 'We'll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here.' This episode introduces new dynamics within The Seven as Sage and Firecracker officially join, shaking up the power structure with Sage unexpectedly replacing Ashley as CEO. MM recruits a new spy within the Seven, while Frenchie battles personal demons brought on by drug-induced hallucinations. Dive into this action-packed episode with us as alliances shift and secrets come to light in the ever-turbulent world of 'The Boys.' 00:00:00 - Introduction: Welcome to a new episode of Streaming Things, where we dive deep into the world of streaming content! 00:03:21 - Overall Thoughts: Our hosts share their initial impressions and overarching thoughts on today's movie/TV episode. 00:16:50 - THE DEEP Dive: Join us as we break down the episode or movie scene by scene, offering insights and commentary. 00:54:11 - Diabolical Moments: The hosts list their top 3 moments of the episode. 01:01:52 - The Vought Vault: The hosts any easter eggs, expanded The Boys lore mentions, or behind the scenes facts they were able to pull from watching this episode. 01:03:30 - Compound VIPs: The hosts recognize the talent they think delivered the best performance of the episode. Engage with Streaming Things: Merchandise: Check out our BRAND NEW Merch Store for the latest Streaming Things apparel and accessories.YouTube: Don't miss our visual content on Streaming Things YouTube channel.Website: Visit our official website for more updates and content. Connect with Us: Email: Send your feedback and questions to [email protected]: Follow us @streamingthingspodofficial for behind-the-scenes content.Twitter: Stay updated with our latest tweets @StreamThingPod or follow Chris @moviesRtherapy. Fan Mail: Address: Send your letters and fan mail to:Streaming Things6809 Main St. #172Cincinnati, OH 45244 Episode Sponsors: This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Get the support you need at Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
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