EP. 23: (Interview) The Psychology of Study Abroad
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In this episode, we switch things up a bit by interviewing Olivia Tursi, a licensed Clinical Social Worker who works with both the Calandra Institute and the Counseling Center at Queens College.   As the title of this episode implies, we discuss the positive mental effects of studying abroad, as well as different tips, advice, and coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult moments abroad, such as homesickness, loneliness, anxiety, etc.   What Was Discussed: PART I: Positive Mental Effects of Studying Abroad -The General Positive Effects of Studying Abroad -The importance and benefits of stepping out of your comfort zone -Why personal development occurs at an accelerated rate abroad -The connection between being in a new environment and gaining more independence and maturity -What experiential learning is and its benefits   PART II: Coping with Difficult Moments Abroad -Culture Shock and tips for adjusting to a new environment -Tips for coping with home-sickness and low days- how to improve your mood -Coping with loneliness and making new friends abroad -Eliminating negative thinking and fostering self-love in difficult situations -Anxiety, recognizing triggers, and calming oneself down -The importance of having a routine abroad -Reverse culture shock and how to overcome it -Closing Thoughts. Olivia’s advice for students who are about to embark on this journey Queens College Counseling Services: https://www.qc.cuny.edu/studentlife/services/counseling/counseling/pages/default.aspx   Our Website: www.qc.cuny.edu/studyabroad Instagram: @QCTravels
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