Tales for Adults - The Empty House
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A story of fear, and dread. A story about dark histories, and darker deeds. A story about endurance, and determination. A story, about the power of the unknown. Presenting “The Empty House” – written by Algernon Blackwood, published in 1906. We are kicking off the spooky season with something pretty creepy, so I urge only adult listeners to proceed! ------- Should you wish to support Tales by the Fireside, please feel free to head to www.talesbythefireside.com/support, or tell your friends about the show, or rate and review! Everything you do and everyone you tell, really does mean the world to me.  Support Tales by the Fireside and Get Bonus Content on Patreon! Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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Tonight, to celebrate 1 million listens, we have some personal thoughts and insight into my brain and the way I try and live my life, with a bit of inspirational ideas thrown in too. Presenting “A Matter of Scale" by Joe Fireside. I really, truly hope you enjoy it. And thank you all, so much,...
Published 12/19/22
Tonight, we have a story about heroes and villains. A story about rebuilding a shattered world. A story about doing your best and things not always working out. A story, about beginnings. Presenting “Foundation” written by me, Joe Fireside.  I don't read my own stories here very often, and I...
Published 12/19/22