54. ZAC SCHEINBAUM - The magic of books
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I love Zac. We met years ago during one of his guest spots and I remember him having the same qualities that characterize him today: well articulate, talented, dedicated, always trying to make every word count. The difference between then and now is that, apart from increasing even more his artistic abilities and experience, he created a publishing company that is a reference in the tattoo world: AFTERLIFE PRESS.  Beautiful books that showcase some of the most influential contemporary artists while sharing the art and philosophy behind these accomplished professionals. All done with exquisite taste and visionary curation.  If you want to not only support true quality and dedication but also learn from the very best, these are the books you need.   Today Zac shared with us his upbringing and what it takes to create something so significant, an example to follow.     AFTERLIFE PRESS Follow Zac on Instagram   Zac’s shop Shrine Tattoo   stefbastian.com Your host Stef Bastiàn
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