Swole Lizards (From "It's Going To Be OK")
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Nora lives in the desert, where there are lots of little critters running around. And the lizards? They’re always trying to get swole.  “It’s Going To Be OK” is a daily podcast from Feelings and Co, the company that brought you “Terrible, Thanks for Asking.” Each morning, we bring you a short story, essay, or interview about one thing that makes us (or our guests) feel like it might not all be so bad – even if some things are. If you liked this episode, go subscribe to "It's Going To Be OK" in your podcast app, so you never miss a single OK thing!  Share your OK thing at 612.568.4441 or by emailing [email protected]. “It’s Going To Be OK” is brought to you by The Hartford. The Hartford is a leading insurance provider that’s helping to simplify employee benefits by making them more personal and easier to understand. The IGTBO team is Nora McInerny, Jordan Turgeon, Megan Palmer, Claire McInerny, Marcel Malekebu and Eugene Kidd. The transcript for this episode can be found here. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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Years ago, when Nora was in the worst phase of her life (dead husband, dead dad, lost pregnancy) she heard a lot of people describe her as resilient. Those people meant it as a compliment, but to Nora it didn’t feel that way. She was tired, grieving, and lost so much in her life- the “resilience”...
Published 06/18/24
Published 06/18/24
When Nora was about to marry her first husband Aaron, they were in the thick of his cancer treatment. So the day before the wedding, she got a small tattoo to remind her to stay in the present moment.   This was an excerpt from Nora’s first book, It’s Okay To Laugh (Crying is cool, too) which is...
Published 06/18/24