The Christmas Curse (Happyish Holidays 2023)
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If your holiday season is feeling less sparkly, less warm, less…happy, you’ve come to the right place! Every year we make an episode about the bad, terrible and subpar side of the holidays and this year’s Happyish Holidays episode is a real doozy. Brianna Liestman shares how every Christmas from 2007-2010, a different member of her family ruined Christmas. There are fires, hospital visits, crying at Kay Jewelers and a shopping spree at Hot Topic! The drama is bigger than Santa's sleigh and will give you a laugh or two if you're needing a pick me up this month. Listen to past Happyish Holidays episodes in our back catalog on Patreon.  — Happyish Holidays is a “Terrible, Thanks for Asking“ tradition for everyone who has a complicated relationship with the “most wonderful time of the year.” Our live podcast show—hosted by Nora McInerny and with Marcel Malekebu—brought together a blend of audio, video, and in-person holiday magic. The recording of our 2023 show is available for purchase on our Patreon Shop. If you purchased a ticket to the livestream through The Parkway, are a paid subscriber of our Patreon or Substack, or are a paying subscriber of Nora's Substack, check your inboxes for information on your complimentary access to the recording. __ Listener support makes our independent podcast possible. Consider joining our Patreon to get bonus episodes, ad-free episodes, and join a community of Terribles. (Or, if you’re an Apple Podcast listener, you can sign up for TTFA Premium right in the app!) Our Substack is a great way to connect with us and other listeners (and get more Terrible in your inbox). Join us here. The episode transcript can be found here. — Happyish Holidays is sponsored by Option B. Option B provides practical, compassionate, everyday advice both for those who are facing loss and hardship and for those who want to support their loved ones during life’s hardest moments. When our friends and family are struggling with loss, it’s the absolute WORST. Whether your partner lost a parent, your best friend recently had a miscarriage, or your child is going through a painful divorce, knowing what to do or say over the holidays can leave us feeling helpless and stuck. If you’re feeling unsure of how to help, check out OptionB. There for the Holidays at You’ll find #realtalk holiday cards to send to your family and friends, stories from celebs about how they’ve re-created traditions after loss, and tips you can implement right away on how to show up for your loved ones. Join us at and @optionb on Instagram and Facebook for holiday tips and to follow along. — Find all our shows and our store at — Find TTFA on social: TTFA on Instagram | TTFA on Facebook  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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