Luke Clanton - Florida State Men's Golf
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My guest on this episode is Luke Clanton.  The native Floridian just might be the hottest golfer of the spring, picking up three consecutive wins at the Seminole Intercollegiate, the Valspar Collegiate, and at UVA's home tournament....the Lewis Chitengwa Memorial.  Luke was one of those mega stars of junior golf that represented the United States at Junior President's Cup.  He won the Azalea Am and the North and South....before he entered college.  So how did he handle the expectations heading to Tallahassee as a freshman.....well, we got into that.  We spoke about the family support that he has received along the way and what he has learned thus far at Florida State.  Luke Clanton - Florida State Seminoles Men's GolfLuke Clanton - InstagramThe Story Within - The 2022 U.S. Amateur Documentary - Available Now on YouTube! The Back of the Range Collection at Imperial SportsCOUPON CODE: BOTR15 for 15% your entire purchase!Subscribe to The Back of the Range Subscribe in Apple Podcasts and SPOTIFY!Also Subscribe in YouTube,   Google Play , Overcast, Stitcher  Follow on Social Media! Email us:   [email protected]:  Voice Work by Mitch Phillips
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