TCF Ep. 617 - Robbie Quinn
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Robbie Quinn is an award-winning, New York–based commercial photographer specializing in environmental portraits. His work, which has brought him to more than a dozen countries, speaks to current issues, including race, immigration, gender identity, and sexual orientation, with an emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusion. In a world where stores, clothes, and trends have become increasingly standardized, fashion is one of the most powerful ways to explore and express our personalities, identities, and individuality. For years, renowned photographer Robbie Quinn has encountered style rebels and bold expressionists on the streets of NYC and the world’s largest cities, stopping them for impromptu photoshoots and testimonials. He’s even named these eccentric lovers of style Street Unicorns. In the pages of Street Unicorns, Quinn shares the portraits, viewpoints, and aspirations of more than 250 Street Unicorns, hoping to inspire readers to rediscover the most authentic parts of themselves. Resources Robbie Quinn Websites Sponsors Charcoal Book Club Frames Magazine Education Resources: Momenta Photographic Workshops Candid Frame Resources Download the free Candid Frame app for your favorite smart device. Click here to download it for . Click here to download Support the work at The Candid Frame by contributing to our Patreon effort.  You can do this by visiting or the website and clicking on the Patreon button. You can also provide a one-time donation via . You can follow Ibarionex on and .
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