5 Marketing Secrets You Need To Know
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Liam shares five marketing secrets to help listeners start, scale, and grow successful businesses, everything from addressing common fears and misconceptions about marketing, to emphasising the importance of simplicity and authenticity.  KEY TAKEAWAYS Identify your ideal customer and be clear about their demographics and characteristics. The more specific and niche your target market is, the better your business will be. Determine the challenges and dissatisfactions your target market is currently experiencing (pain points) and the goals and aspirations they have (gain points). This will help you tailor your marketing message to address their needs and desires. Develop a message or offer that resonates with your target market. This could be a catchy slogan, a unique value proposition, or a solution to their pain points. The goal is to grab their attention and make them feel like your product or service is exactly what they need. Instead of immediately trying to sell, focus on building relationships and providing value to your audience. Offer free resources, such as ebooks or lead magnets, that showcase your expertise and demonstrate how you can help them. This will help establish trust and credibility. BEST MOMENTS "Marketing is about keeping it simple, being authentic." "The more niche, the more narrow you can make it, the better your business will be." "Hey, there's nothing wrong with selling stuff as long as you lead with value first." "Once you've got the right hook and you know the message that you want to put out there, then you've got to go to the market and lead with value." VALUABLE RESOURCES The Dealmaker Podcast - https://omny.fm/shows/the-deal-maker-by-liam-ryan Assets For Life - https://assetsforlife.co.uk Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/liamjryanwealth/ Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/LiamJRyan.AFL Facebook Personal - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010124928017 You're listening to The Deal Maker podcast with Property Expert, Property Multi Millionaire and Joint World Record Holder Liam J. Ryan. If you want to become a master negotiator, close more property deals, become a great salesperson and live a better life then The Deal Maker podcast is for you. Liam is a property investor, business owner and Entrepreneur helping people make more money and live a happier life This show was brought to you by Progressive Media
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