'Absolutely Unacceptable' Vaccination Rates in Developing Countries
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"The situation that we see right now is absolutely unacceptable, because a large of the world remains unvaccinated and this is a danger for all of us," so warns Mamta Murthi, the World Bank's Vice President for Human Development. What's keeping jabs from arms in low-income countries? And what's being done to help? In the latest edition of The Development Podcast, we're examining these questions and more. From Addis Ababa, Dr. Ahmed Ogwell, Deputy Director of the Africa Centers for Disease Control, details how the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded across the African continent, and the steps being taken to increase vaccination rates. Back in Washington, Murthi joins Raka Banerjee and Paul Blake to talk about global trends and the support that the World Bank Group is giving to countries and partners in the race to vaccinate the world against the coronavirus.
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