91. Playing The Long Game: A Conversation With Dorie Clark
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In her book, The Long Game: How To Be A Long-Term Thinker In A Short-Term World, Dorie Clark both reflects on the importance of having a longer-term strategy for our personal and professional lives, and provides readers with practical steps that can be taken to optimize for the future. In this episode, she joins hosts Derek van Bever and Katie Zandbergen to discuss the book and, in doing so, draws a number of parallels between her work and How Will You Measure Your Life. Together, they discuss a range of topics, including the value of long-term thinking, and why it’s often so challenging; discovering one’s purpose; managing uncertainty; finding balance between personal and professional goals; different types of networking; reorienting to see the bigger picture, and more! Truly, the power of making small, strategic changes today can be enormous in terms of impact on future success – it’s all about playing the long game. 
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