92. To Transform Lives, Transform Business Models: A Conversation with Ann Somers Hogg and Ann Christensen
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In this episode, The Christensen Institute’s Ann Somers Hogg joins host Ann Christensen to, through the lens of the business model framework, discuss the significance of drivers of health to the future of the health care industry. In her newly-released paper, You Are What You Treat: Transforming The Health Care Business Model So Companies And People Thrive, Ann Somers provides a compass to guide leaders as they develop transition plans to succeed in a value-based future. The paper – and this conversation – addresses questions surrounding why our health care industry is where it is when it comes to tackling drivers of health; why business model transformation in the health care space is particularly challenging; what organizations employing innovative business models are doing to improve people’s health and overall quality of life; and what health care leaders can learn from these examples. Truly, a sharper focus on foundational business model structures in the health care space can transform lives! Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation to learn more.
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