95. The Myths of Customer-Centricity: A Conversation with Scott Anthony, Claudia Pardo, and Pontus Siren
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Earlier this summer, members of the Innosight team attended The Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit 2022 in Dublin, Ireland, where they joined industry leaders and spoke on the topic of Dispelling The Myths of Customer-Centricity. In this Disruptive Voice episode, Scott Anthony is joined by his colleagues, Claudia Pardo and Pontus Siren, to further delve into these myths. Through the lenses of the Jobs To Be Done framework, and drawing on a number of real-world examples, they consider how the application of Jobs Theory fundamentally changes how one thinks about innovation, strategy, and how best to set an organization on a path to success. Creating a customer-centric organization grounded in the idea of a Job To Be Done, however, remains a remarkably elusive target, despite many knowing that it’s important and that it provides clear benefits. In other words, being customer-centric may seem like a relatively simple and straightforward idea – but customer-centricity is often difficult to implement in practice. Tune in for a fascinating discussion about the myths of customer-centricity, including why its practical application is so challenging and, crucially, actionable steps that organizations can take and tools that they can use to truly become more customer-centric, thereby increasing the odds of successfully building and sustaining a successful enterprise. 
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