103. Unlocking Opportunities Through The Application of Jobs Theory: A Conversation with Alasdair Trotter
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Jobs Theory, when correctly applied, has the potential to be a huge unlock for organizations that have yet to realize the full value from their agile transformations. In order to benefit from the full potential of the Jobs To Be Done framework, a systems lens is required in its application. In this episode, Innosight’s Alasdair Trotter joins host Katie Zandbergen to discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise when trying to build more customer-centric and agile organizations. The conversation covers many of the ways in which Jobs Theory can be used to strengthen different aspects of the enterprise operating model, from strategy development to modern product and portfolio management. The discussion also includes a variety of insights about how Jobs Theory can bring more focus to enterprise strategy, overcome solution bias when developing and managing products, and improve the prioritization of strategy goals, as well as specific features. In short, listen to this insightful conversation to learn more about Jobs Theory as a powerful tool for addressing many of the challenges faced by modern product organizations!
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