106. Reimagining Financial Advice For The Modern World: A Conversation with Anders Jones
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Currently, over 75% of American households don’t have access to high quality, affordable, and unbiased financial advice. Anders Jones co-founded Facet in order to make these financial planning services available to a large population of people who don't qualify to receive them under existing incumbent business models. In other words, Facet is a prime example of a new market disruption, with the company largely competing against the non-consumption of financial advice. Taking this approach, however, wasn’t how the Facet story began when it initially entered the market, which exemplifies the emergent strategy utilized by the company that allowed for Facet’s pivot to its current strategy. In this conversation, hosted by Chris Calder, Anders reflects on how he’s using the frameworks to build and scale his enterprise, including the enabling technology that, paired with Facet’s business model, allows the company to profitably serve customers who are uninteresting to incumbents in the space. The two also discuss where Anders intends to take Facet in the future, redefining financial planning and advice and working to more fully integrate wealth management into their customers’ daily lives. Listen to learn more about how Facet is creating a new market and also changing the discussion around what it means to work with a financial advisor - a great example of Clay's theories in action!
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