What our Big Ideas mean for 2018 and where we screwed up - 2017 Season Finale
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It's breakdown day at The Beat, as Mike and Jeff re-examine some of the biggest tips The Beat touted in 2017, and hold themselves accountable for their misses.
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Published 01/04/18
Des Bieler, Jeff Dooley and Mike Hume discuss Todd Gurley's historic, league-winning run, while lamenting the likes of Jay Ajayi, DeMarco Murray and Amari Cooper, who turned out to be high-priced anchors around fantasy owners' necks.
Published 12/27/17
Fantasy analyst Brandon Marianne Lee joins Des Bieler and Jeff Dooley to go over some players of interest in fantasy's most important week, including wide receivers for the Steelers and Jaguars.
Published 12/20/17