70 - Patrick Read Johnson - Director of 5-25-77
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For this episode, number 70, I finally spoke with director Patrick Read Johnson. He recently released his many years in the making, labour of love 5-25-77. A film that semi fictionalises and chronicles the early life of a character, named Patrick Read Johnson and his love of movies like 2001 A Space Oddysey, Star Wars and Close Encounters. I saw an early cut of this about ten years ago with several scenes missing. Patrick and I connected over the release of my Star Wars Begins (still available to view for free on Vimeo by the way). 5-25-77 is currently available on blu ray and on several streaming platforms. So here’s my chat with the director of 5-25-77, Patrick Reid Johnson and I’ll be back at the end for a bit more jabbering on. Links Filmumentaries Merch! Support the Podcast on Patreon
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