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This is part five of a five-part TGJ Podcast series which chronicles the origin, evolution and inner-workings of The Masters. The series is voiced by David Owen and based on his best-selling book, The Making of the Masters. Part 5: As its founders begin to decline, the mythology around The Masters only grows stronger The Masters is paused and Augusta National is forced to become self-sufficient in the wake of World War II. In the 1970s, the club must endure the passing of Bobby Jones and the shocking suicide of Clifford Roberts. But the club and tournament move on, going to untold lengths to preserve their legacies that still reverberate today. A transcript of this episode can be found here. The Golfer's Journal Podcast is presented by Titleist The Golfer's Journal is made possible thanks to our members. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider becoming a member here:
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Published 05/12/24
Published 05/12/24
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Published 04/21/24