EP.80 Keeper Of The Greens - Liam Ash (Pennant Hills Golf Club)
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Keeper Of The Greens is proudly brought to you by ⁠Colin Campbell Chemicals⁠. Click on their name or go to and it will take you straight to their website for more information or simply go to www.campbellchemicals.com.au Recorded LIVE in the Maintenance Facility at Pennant Hills Golf Club. Liam Ash could easily be confused with someone twice his age if you looked only at his list of places worked or had a conversation with him about greenkeeping, such is his level of experience and knowledge. But this well experienced young man now holds the keys to the castle, as he puts it, as Superintendent at one of Sydney's premier golf clubs, Pennant Hills Golf Club. My conversation with Liam takes us through three states on the east coast of Australia, looking after turf grasses across the whole spectrum that grow in hot climates all the way to very cold. Liam started mowing grass at a very young age and it wasn't long before he began his greenkeeping career on the first rung like all of us, as an apprentice. Hard work and determination put Liam on a path to working for some of the best people in the industry before turning his hand to maintaining turf on private golf holes for some of Sydney's more wealthy people, before golf course greenkeeping called out his name again. This second stint came with a more hardened greenkeeper, one that could hold his own with the best at still quite a young age. You're really going to enjoy this interview I have with Liam hearing about his broad experience gained in such a short space of time. Pennant Hills Golf Club itself is turning 100 this year and is soon to embark on a redesign which Liam gives us some insight on. There's lots in this one so come and join me for some fun as Liam and I chat with some unexpected noises in the background! Don't forget to join both Nadeem, from the sponsor of this podcast episode Colin Campbell Chemicals, and I at this year's ASTMA Conference in Adelaide, June 19 - 22. You hit 'em clean and we'll keep 'em green! Places Mentioned in this podcast: Pennant Hills Golf Club Brookwater Golf & Country Club Barnbougle Cape Wickham Golf Links Monash Country Club Killara Golf Club
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