EP.81 Walking The Fairways - Golf But Not As We Know It!
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Walking The Fairways segment is here along with some news from what's happening on golf courses around Australia including the NT for something new. I also give you my take on the whole LIV/PGAT/EUROPGAT! So much going on but I just had to throw my thoughts in there this time around. You hit 'em clean and we'll keep 'em green!
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First Walking The Faiways for 2024 and I've got a few things to bring to you. Come with me as I keep you informed with what's happening on golf courses around Australia with updates as to who is changing their course, which courses have architects starting new work and what has generally been...
Published 04/14/24
Published 04/14/24
We need your help now, time is running out! Moore Park Golf Course in Sydney is at an important junction in its long history as a public golf course. Moore Park Golf Course was a golf course that from its very inception was built as a gateway to the sport of golf for the working class of Sydney....
Published 03/31/24