EP.82 Keeper Of The Greens - Rowan Daymond (The Grange Golf Club)
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Keeper Of The Greens is proudly brought to you by ⁠⁠Colin Campbell Chemicals⁠⁠. Click on their name or go to and it will take you straight to their website for more information or simply go to www.campbellchemicals.com.au Rowan Daymond is a Superintendent that has just experienced what it's like to LIV through being the host of a major tournament. (See what I did there?!) Rowan's greenkeeping career began from humble beginnings in a small regional town along the mighty Murray River. Playing golf with his Grandfather as a young boy, Rowan would grow up to enjoy the game of golf along with getting a start as a greenkeeper on the local golf course of his home town of Coomealla. A move to the South Australian capital Adelaide would see Rowan gain significant experience under the guidance of a very well respected Superintendent before taking a break to travel to the UK. Rowan's career restarted back in Adelaide where he would begin his long relationship with The Grange Golf Club over a couple of stints including a rebuild. Fast forward to today and Rowan leads a large team maintaining the largest golf facility in Adelaide at The Grange Golf Club which has just finished playing host to the very first LIV tournament held in Australia. Sit down and grab a drink for this one as Rowan gives us an insight into what it was like hosting the newest version of tournament golf in the world. He also puts The Grange on your bucket list of courses to play as we explore just what make The Grange, The Grange. Don't forget to join both Nadeem, from the sponsor of this podcast episode Colin Campbell Chemicals, and I at this year's ASTMA Conference in Adelaide, June 19 - 22. Don't forget you can register for free to enter the trade show by clicking this link https://www.astma.com.au/conference/trade-show-visitor-registration/ You hit 'em clean and we'll keep 'em green! Places Mentioned in this podcast: The Grange Golf Club Coomealla Golf Club Kooyonga Golf Club Royal Adelaide Golf Club Murray Downs Golf Resort The Castle Course, St Andrews
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