097 - Setting Life Priorities
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Jason Zook is a an entrepreneur who runs an online community called Wandering Aimfully for creative entrepreneurs who are also interested in earning a sustainable income and crafting an authentic, fulfilling life. In this episode we talk about getting out of debt, balancing minimalism with ambition, and setting priorities in life. Find Jason here: https://wanderingaimfully.com/ Support this podcast & get exclusive videos only on Patreon: http://patreon.com/mattdavella Episode Highlights: 05:59 - Jason’s background 09:15 - Taking the long term view 14:49 - What does YouTube feel like now compared to when you started? 21:47 - Minimalism vs. ambition 27:57 - Fitting work around life 35:43 - Getting out of debt 41:04 - How to you create successful content 59:32 - Overcoming the guilt of letting some part of your business go 55:01 - Scaling up
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