Best Lymphatic Drainage Routine For Face + Body (WITHOUT Expensive Tools) w/ Leah Levitan
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Many health experts swear that to be truly healthy, you’ve got to “move the lymph” using some sort of lymphatic drainage routine – often with expensive tools or techniques. The hope is that you’ll somehow clear infections, lose the bloat, and clean out toxins. While yes, lymphatic drainage is important, it’s not a miraculous solution. The type of lymphatic drainage routine you choose and when you do it is pretty important (especially if you’re dealing with chronic illness, active rashes, or coming down with something). So many illnesses are impacted by the lymphatic system which is why doing something to support moving the lymph is important. That’s why addressing the lymphatic system and adding lymphatic drainage massage to your routine can be so helpful – AND deeply calming for your nervous system. But a lot of what you learn online and from influencers about a good lymphatic drainage routine is inaccurate so I invited today’s guest on the show to share a better approach!  We’re going to talk about the whole lymph system, lymphatic drainage, and easy-to-do lymphatic massages to do at home! Leah Levitan, MT, MLDC, CLT is the founder of Lymph Love Club. She is a licensed massage therapist and certified lymphedema therapist. She helps women on their healing journey achieve more balanced health beyond what they thought was possible using the most powerful and influential system in their body, the lymphatic system. Have you ever tried a lymphatic drainage routine before? If so, how has it helped you? Share your tricks and methods in the comments below or on my Youtube video. In This Episode: How the lymphatic system impacts ALL organs in your body Detoxing vs. moving lymph – What’s the difference? Best gadgets + tools for your lymphatic drainage routine How to do lymphatic drainage that’s effective Debunking lymphatic drainage myths from influencers When lymphatic drainage is helpful (and when to absolutely AVOID IT) Can you do lymphatic drainage too much? Quotes “The lymphatic system doesn't detox, but our detox organs do.” [5:33] “A big part of what makes the lymphatic system so magical is the fact that it's like basically our immune system. This lymphatic fluid carries the white blood cells of our immune system and it just helps us; it prevents illness and disease.” [15:50] Links Find Leah online & get her FREE dry brush guide | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube Healthy Skin Show 205: Gua Sha + Body Brushing For Skin Health w/ Gianna De La Torre, L.Ac Get 10% OFF your first Wildling purchase with code HEALTHYSKINSHOW
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