Intercepted Transmissions
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DWM presents The Hidden People, season 3, episode 3 "Intercepted Transmissions" Written by Alexa Fett Fisher Directed by Chris and Megan Burnside   Following the lead they got from Sam, Mackenna and the others track a mysterious fetch locked inside a mental institution. How does she know the phrase known only to the Old Ones? So spake Wodan.   Want over thirty hours of full-length bonus episodes and commentaries, plus sneak peeks, invites to (virtual) live episode premieres with cast and crew, and more? Join us at to support the show. Then take a moment to share your love for The Hidden People on whatever social media you prefer. If we can gain enough support, we can keep making more of the show.   Find episode transcripts at:   Producer: Clara James   Check out for more info on the show.   Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: @dwmpresents Instagram: dwmpresents and thehiddenpeoplepodcast   The Hidden People is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, places, and/or events is purely coincidental.   Copyright 2021 Dayton Writers Movement ltd. All rights reserved.
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